Rules & Terms

Submission of a dance film constitutes acceptance of the Entry Rules & Regulations, please review this document carefully.

The person submitting the film (the applicant) acknowledges that he or she has obtained consent from any and all owners, creators, writers, producers and/or other authorized representatives of the film.

1. What is Bodyscope
Bodyscope is the International Dance Film Festival of Moscow (Russia).
We define dance films as those cinematographic works, where the movie narrative (and image movement) merges with the body narrative (dance, movement) in order to tell a story.

2. Mission
Dance films should be available not only for the more specialised audience, but also to a broader audience.
The festival wants to demonstrate, that dance films are a captivating and interesting movie genre and that an audience can be created for it.

3. Objectives
3.1. To encourage the development, research, promotion and dissemination of dance, body movement, film (motion and cinematic narrative), non-verbal language and the resulting synergies.
3.2. To revitalize the participation and involvement of an eclectic audience, not just a dance loving one, but also a film loving one, eager to discover new, different cinematographic narrative, approaching culture thru an attractive proposal.
3.3. To embolden young professionals (both audiovisual and dancers) based in Russia, to carry out new and innovative projects around the dance film (short dance film contest for film/audiovisual schools in collaboration with dance schools).
3.4. To contribute to the academic research of the body movement and audiovisual (cinematographic) movement (by organizing conferences).

4. Dates
Submissions open May 25 2021 and close January 7 2022 (All selection category). The festival can however make certain exceptions to this rule.
The selected films/artists for the official competition will be notified March 2022 latest.
The Festival will be held April 2022 (date changes may apply). Following the main event Bodyscope 2022 - special screenings will be programmed in order to promote the artist’s work and share it with a wider audience. By submitting a film the artist agrees to these special screenings.

5. Submission form
All submissions must be made thru the festival’s official online submission platform FilmFreeway(fee is from 8 USD to 14 USD) or website of the Festival(no fee). If you submit your film via website, you have to send all materials(photos, frames, synopsis, trailer) here: with OBJECT: (Short film name)

6.We accept:
• films related to dance, choreography or movement
• films between 1 - 20min
• films not older than 3 years
• films not submitted to previous BODYSCOPE editions
• max. 3 submissions per filmmaker
- films that are not openly published online (youtube, vimeo) are preferred.

7.Bodyscope FF is granted the right to screen the submitted films during the festival period at any location of the festival in Russia without the paying of any screening fees, with a maximum of 7 screenings.

8. In case your film is selected for screening you will be asked to send a master copy (DCP preferred) before 10 March 2022. The criteria & specifications for Master files will be emailed with the notification and can be found on our website and festival portal.

9.Bodyscope FF is granted the right to use the submitted films, film stills, posters and trailers for promotional purposes on the internet, television and other media. An excerpt of max. 10% of the length of each submitted film may be used for that purpose. For private press viewings Bodyscope FF has the possibility to screen your full film as a preview (to press members only).

10.The film information provided by the participant in the entry form will be used for festival publications. Catalogue writings are
entirely at the discretion of the festival. Bodyscope FF accepts no liability in the event that its publications reproduce inaccuracies in submitted materials.

11.The film submitter’s personal contact details will be kept in the Bodyscope FF database after the festival. This information is only used
to request additional screenings and will never be made public nor given to third parties without consent of the submitter.

12.By submitting your film you claim to have full ownership of the film and / or have cleared all the rights. Bodyscope FF shall under no circumstances be liable for any claims by third parties.

13. In case of faulty projection, the festival cannot be held liable for immaterial damages suffered by the director, producer or distributor.

14. Members of the Jury:
The jury members will come from two professional backgrounds: dance and cinema/audiovisuals. The jury for the International Short Dance Film category will be formed by dance and cinema professionals. Artists who have taken part in the production or exploitation of a film from the official selection may not be on the Jury.

15. Official selection
Once a film has been selected it cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme. All selected films receive the "Bodyscope Official Selection" laurel. Complete documentation for each selected film is to be made available latest March 10 2022.

16. There can be joint awards. Jury can also decide not to give award in a category.

17. Sections:
-International Short Film Competition 2022
-Outside of Competition 2022 for International Short Dance Film

18. Attending the festival
Film selection is not based in the artist’s availability to attend the festival. We invite and encourage all artists to attend Bodyscope, Travel and accommodation expenses for the 2022 edition is not covered.

19. Echo of the Festival
Bodyscope is based in Moscow, however, as stated, our mission is to connect with a broad audience. Besides the official festival screening, the selected films can be screened in other locations and cities. Artists will always be notified about these screenings. The artists and its films will always be treated with the maximum respect.

20. Participation in Bodyscope - International Dance Film Festival implies acceptance of all the aforementioned rules, regulations and preselection conditions.

Good luck!

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